Full Moon Brewworks


Product: Alcoholic beverages (Cha-la-wan Beer Busaba Beer, Cha Tri Beer)

Full Moon Brewworks is interested in DSFM’s merchandising service to improve on product display on shelf, and want to utilize the data and information at point of sales to negotiate with retailers to increase their minimum order quantity to better reflect on consumer demand that will improve overall sales.

Thus, Full Moon Brewworks chose DSFM’s merchandising service in Tops Market in Bangkok and outskirt in an initial 6-month trial. The contract has been extended to a further twelve months after DSFM has been able to demonstrate and fulfill initial objectives and met client’s criteria.


  • Increase On-shelf Availability
  • Improve On-shelf Display
  • Increase Sales


Within 3 quarters

  • DSFM improve OSA from 86.9% to 98.0% in the last quarter
  • DSFM has helped to increase product sell-in in each quarter, with the latest quarter seeing a 41% increase from the 1st quarter
  • DSFM has been able to improve on-shelf display and acquire special display space that are in accordance to the planogram
  • Full Moon Brewworks have been able to utilize the data acquired through SMART to negotiate for better minimum order quantity with retailers with Tops Markets.