King DPAC Distribution


Products: “Hero” brand garbage bags

King DPAC Distribution uses DSFM merchandising service to improve OOS and increase product availability at the point of sales, as well as improve product display that will increase sales opportunities at the stores. With the initial success during the 6-month trial at Big C since August 2018, the service has expanded to include Makro nationwide with an additional 12 month contract.


  • Increase OSA
  • Improve Product Display
  • Increase Sales


Within 3 quarters:

  • Improve OSA from 88.75% to 97.5% in the latest quarter
  • Increase sell-in from THB 26,918  in the first quarter to THB 1,486,615 in the latest quarter

Customer Testimonial:

“The reasons that we chose DSFM was the reputation of the company in this field of work, as well as the systematic approach and excellent customer service. We’ve found that after we’ve been working with DSFM at Big C, our product displays have vastly improved.”

Ms. Supaluk Chaiyapak (Client Manager, King DPAC Distribution)