Retail Execution Powered by Smart


  • adidas has a team of 2 Visual Merchandising Coordinators and 2 Boosters in charge of sales and visual merchandising in wholesaler channel in Singapore. All execution reports were prepared manually by the staff, taking up a lot of time that could have been spent more productively on the field​
  • To increase the staff’s productivity and ensure compliance, adidas has tapped DSFM to customize a program that will automate reporting and data tracking, as well as call cycle management and compliance


  • Customized the SMART system to cater to the data tracking and reporting requirements of adidas. A step by step user guide was also developed for user training
  • App functions include tracking and reporting of:

    • Attendance
    • VM execution
    • adidas display
    • Competitor display
    • Pricing
    • Campaign set up
  • All reports are automated and sent to adidas in Excel and PDF formats​
  • A web portal was also developed where all these data are made available for easier tracking


  • 10% of the staff’s time previously spent on report preparation now allocated to covering additional 1-2 stores per week
  • Positive feedback from Clients as the reports are delivered fast on a daily and weekly basis
  • Performance management and execution monitoring became easier with the automated reports

Customer Testimonial:

“SMART has evidently improved our multi-layered operational process and streamline the depth of the daily work required by our Visual Merchandisers. It has also helped the brand utilize it as a measuring tool in terms of productivity and efficiency as we are able to keep a close track on the logged hours, allowing us to continuously enhance and work on the necessary changes required to better the processes.”

Visual Merchandising Manager, adidas Singapore