Sep 05/17NEWS

Converting shoppers into buyers: Turn brand curiosity into commitment

How to make an impression and ensure brand loyalty for future.

We live in a hyper-competitive marketplace, and as retailers, we need to learn how to grab consumers attention within the distracted world we currently live in. With barriers in retail being broken down left and right, growth and change in the industry are happening more rapidly now than ever before — with activations taking a front seat.

Curiouser and Curiouser

Over time consumers have become naturally inquisitive, and they want to know more about everything — especially the items they are purchasing or plan to purchase in the future. Consumers make lists, do research, consult their favourite blog — all to find out about a certain product and what it promises.

Activations allow retailers to focus more on what the consumers want. That said, they don’t just focus on what consumers want, but more on what they need.

Take consumers on a curiosity journey

Activations are a vital tool in converting shoppers to buyers, and in today’s ever-changing marketplace, the numerous tools we have available to us to turn curiosity into consumer commitment and influence the “consumer journey” are exorbitant.

As the pivot point between retailers and brands, we play a vital role. We know we need to identify curiosity and feed it! We are able to do this through activations which allow for consumers to ask questions, give honest feedback, engage and experience a brand. Not only do we feed consumers curiosity, but we follow it up by delivering a reliable product.

Turning brand curiosity into commitment

We try everything to steer brands in the right direction where disruption is the norm. Our brands are succeeding against all odds in a disruptive world. Our secret? The brands we represent are not only beneficial to consumers, they add value or convenience to people’s lives.

We actively influence consumers buying decisions through activations, ultimately, ensuring the best representation of our clients’ brand. By educating shoppers, we increase brand knowledge, and as that knowledge grows, so does the love for the brand, which in turn accounts for repeat purchases and future brand loyalty.

Do you think activation’s help convert shoppers into buyers?