May 15/17NEWS

Pop-up stores a new line of growth for brand owners

Over the past few months the US has begun to present sizable evidence of the decreasing growth rate of the retail sector in the form of several retailer closures. According to the business insider a large percentage of the major retailers including Macy’s, Kohl’s, Walmart, and Sears, have shut down hundreds of their stores to mitigate losses as a result of poor performing stores and the crippling effect that e-commerce has had on brick and mortar.

When a heavyweight such as Walmart shuts down in a major mall, they leave with a significant part of their foot traffic which has a detrimental-cascading effect on the neighbouring stores left behind.

Malls and brand owners have responded to this by making innovative use of some of these vacant store spaces by turning them into Pop-Up stores. If done right, Pop-Up shops offer brand owners the platform to reach their consumers on a more experiential level. This growing trend is a great way to test a retail environment at a lower cost and gives the brand owner a new way to interact with shoppers with the added benefit of generating amplified brand awareness.

Although the Pop-Up store cannot stabilize the rough waters brick and mortar is facing, it encourages the consumer to close their laptops and experience brands in an exciting, personal way, which provides much-needed foot as a result of the vacant shopping malls stores.

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