The key to brand and retail success? Digital Auditing
The key to brand and retail success? Digital Auditing
Smollan Syndicated Digital Auditing powered by Planorama… key to brand and retail success. For retailers and brands to stay competitive in today’s marketplace, it is imperative to design and implement a strong retail execution strategy.

Retailers and brand owners invest significantly in the design and implementation of the ideal product assortment to drive sales and create exceptional shopper experiences at the moment of truth, the physical shelf.

However, our digital auditing experience – across both the brand and retail environment – shows that less than 45% of visits show lack of newly launched products which should be part of an assortment. What’s more is that less than 40% of visits show promotional material not presented the way it should. It should also be noted that according to our research, 35% of store visits highlight share of shelf deviation with 5-7% of annual revenue leakage due to suboptimal retail execution.

What if you could get real-time actionable insights from a simple shelf photo? Utilizing retail audits is one of the best ways to capture critical field data.

In partnership with Planorama, Smollan has created a syndicated and independent digital auditing solution that uses Planorama’s leading deep learning and image recognition technology to efficiently, and cost-effectively, audit an entire category’s product information at shelf.

What if you could get real-time actionable insights from a simple shelf photo?

Continually monitoring perfect shelf metrics against in-store execution performance and acting quickly to close the gaps is key for a brand’s success. Through a single photo of the shelf, we are able to digitally audit your brand’s shelf metrics such as assortment/range, position on shelf, price and shelf share; generating real-time information with call to action alerts that direct retail execution teams and ensures your brand wins at shelf.

What are the advantages of independent auditing using product recognition software?

  • Operational efficiency: Reduce time to audit a store by as much as 80%
  • Change management: No complex training required
  • Accuracy: 98% accuracy on image recognition vs 15% to 40% manual errors
  • Scalability: Auditing large modern trade stores, e.g. Planogram Compliance
  • Entire category: Audit includes competitor products
  • Cost saving: Audit all products in category simultaneously, financial saving to all stakeholders
  • Field team focus: On sales, merchandising and inventory management instead of auditing stores
  • Call to action: Exceptions instantly flagged for urgent field action


Turn shelf pictures into insights, and insights into action.

Smollan Digital Auditing is powered by Planorama. To find out how we can deliver a leading solution in South Africa, that ensures your brand wins at shelf contact Deon van Vuuren.