Over the counter pharma product launch

Sales & Retail Execution,


A leading pharmaceutical company needed to launch a new over the counter product. We were required to:

  • Provide POS installations in all stores ​
  • Ensure retailers accepted shipments ​
  • Ensure on day 1 of the launch that products were on shelf in all retailers ​
  • Secure distribution of both product SKU’s and purchase displays for each store


  • Pre-launch plan put personnel in over 50,000 stores
  • Dedicated retail team modified their routings to present product launch information​ to store managers
  • Dedicated retail teams stirred excitement at over 16,000 stores across 40 different retailers ​
  • Surge teams put in place to install POS materials


  • Additional 35,000 stores were visited by Merchandising service surge teams
  • Surge teams placed POS materials, such as Shelf Talkers, Displays and Balloons  in 15,000 additional stores
  • Product distributed in 92% of stores visited​
  • Built 3,194 displays​
  • Placed 8,500 shelf talkers​
  • Total post launch visits: 32,000 stores in 1 month​
  • In 2 months, called on over 82,000 stores to ensure compliance ​

Total post launch visits: 32,000 stores in 1 month​.