Celebrating a Decade of Excellence
Celebrating a Decade of Excellence
Smollan has for the 10 th year in a row been awarded the Diamond Award for brilliantly executed work in sales and merchandising.

The Awards, held annually are intended to enhance and set a benchmark for excellence and very importantly, to celebrate the success of teams doing a great job. Smollan received five diamond category awards covering markets in both South Africa and Botswana. conducts research telephonically and it is not pre-coded, meaning that it is up to the respondents to nominate and rate the candidates in the various categories on certain criteria. This is an independently funded initiative by Smollan was assessed by a random national sample of 200 FMCG retailers and store managers who rated us on effectiveness in implementing promotions; communicating appropriately with retailers; professionalism and reputation of service delivery and accountability.

Acknowledging this achievement, Smollan Africa CEO Michael Power expressed his delight saying, “Our teams have risen above the uncertainties of our current landscape to deliver these incredible results whilst maintaining the coveted diamond status for 10 years. Well done to them for always putting their best foot forward. This award is testament to their resilience and dedication to deliver growth for our clients.”

This achievement represents what we strive to accomplish around competitiveness, effectiveness, excellent leadership, resilience, customers service and satisfaction – as we fulfil our purpose to deliver growth for our clients, our business, and our people.

We applaud our talented teams for this exceptional accolade.