Enhancing the shopper journey
Enhancing the shopper journey
The art of keeping consumers in-store for longer through activation’s & personalized experiences.

Consumer experiences these days are not simply designed; they are engineered and constructed with a clear purpose and end goal. At Smollan, we lead the way when it comes to in-store experiences, and we pride ourselves on offering an incredible shopping journey – every time.

All about activations

The process of making a brand well-known and loved by consumers is called brand activation.

Activations are creative ways to inspire brand choice, attracting consumers and allowing them to experience a brand.

By means of successful activations, consumers will most likely end up having to spend more time in-store while on their shopper journey, increasing sales for the brand on display.

Establish trust between consumers & brands

Brand activations focus on building a long-term emotional connection between brands and consumers. The main reason for this is because the mind has no room for what is new and different unless it is related to the familiar.

With the help of activations, shoppers are provided with information which helps them trust not only your products but your brand as a whole. Once trust is established, loyalty will follow, just one reason why it is essential to invest more time and effort in a platform for shoppers to interact with brands on a more emotional level.

Build a need in the mind of the consumer

Building a ‘need’ in the mind of the consumer is crucial to the execution of sales, as now and then, individuals tend to buy items they don’t need for the reason that they feel nostalgic for something they have never had.

We seamlessly and effectively execute targeted shopper-facing activations to create top-of-the-mind awareness, brand visibility, and drive brand education.

Personalised experiences

Not only do activations educate shoppers on certain products, they persuade and push for an immediate purchase with the help of a personalised experience or gift.

A personalised experience speaks to consumers as individuals, positively differentiating a specific brand from the rest of the competition.

Note: stand out or step aside…

Minds are emotional & not rational

Today’s consumers are less concerned with facts than with how a brand makes them feel. They care more about what a brand represents to them on the highest emotional level.

With the marketplace full of competitors, it can be hard to find a brand who really understands the consumers of today.

By mastering the art of activations and keeping shoppers in-store for longer periods of time, brands are able to better relate to their target market, establish trust and build a long-term emotional connection.

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