The growth of the Personal Shopper and convenience driven retail solutions
The growth of the Personal Shopper and convenience driven retail solutions
With South Africa recently being named “the second most stressed nation in the world”, according to Bloomberg, and consumers generally struggling to juggle the ever elusive “work-life” balance.

South African shoppers are showing growing interest in retail solutions that assist with making everyday purchasing activities more convenient and seamless, whether it be through mobile banking, the growth of online and omni-channel shopping to outsourcing the process altogether.

Despite consumers feeling the pinch with increased inflation, a weakened currency and general economic insecurity, consumers are increasingly looking for ways to save time, even if it means having to pay a little extra. The beauty and apparel industry in particular have seen this trend coming to life with growing interest in the “the Personal Shopper” offering. The Personal Shopper solution significantly cuts down the time and energy required in the shopping process by understanding the needs of the client and bringing forward a selection of items that are chosen to suit those needs.

A few international retailers such as Topshop & Banana Republic have already introduced this service to their clients, with malls such as Canal Walk and recently Menyln Mall contracting their own in-house personal shoppers.

With consumers across the world looking for more convenient, seamless and personalized retail solutions – be it in the store or brought to their door – this trend is likely to continue to grow in popularity.