Smollan celebrates another year of awards recognition
Smollan celebrates another year of awards recognition
Smollan has been awarded four Diamond and two Gold Arrows. This is the 9th year Smollan has been recognized by with Smollan & Associates also awarded a Golden Arrow Award in the category FMCG Sales and Merchandising Companies.

“We are thrilled with our awards for ourselves as a company, all our employees and our clients. It is only through working together that we are able to achieve these results,” says Smollan Africa CEO, Michael Power.

The awards are a platform to celebrate and acknowledge excellence within the FMCG industry. Smollan was assessed by a random national sample of 200 FMCG retailers/store managers. The respondents rate the companies on attributes such as effectiveness in implementing promotions; communicating appropriately with retailers; professionalism; reputation of service delivery and accountability to name a few.

The purpose of the awards is to celebrate excellence, so they are an important indication that we are achieving this and serve as a benchmark for ourselves and others,” added Michael Power.

Congratulations to our talented teams and our clients on these exceptional results. Without your support and partnership, these outstanding results would not be possible.

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