Women’s Day Support
Women’s Day Support
How we are bridging the gap & motivating women in business.

Women’s Day Support

According to a study on gender diversity in corporate leadership, “Women do not participate in the global economy to the same extent as men do”. That said, it does not mean women should not be participating more…

Even though we live in the 21st century, being a woman is not always easy – especially in the workplace. There is so much work to be done to bring about change and equality and it will take work from not only government, but academics and communities. Most importantly, it will take work from businesses and women in business.

Our employees are our greatest assets and despite the major advancements women have made in becoming a significant part of the workforce, they are still facing important career development challenges.

We at Smollan understand the importance of diversity in leadership and want to bridge this gap, aiming to not only empower the women of today, but committing to the continuous development of female leaders for the future.

Despite stereotypes, the concept of “leadership” is not inherently masculine. Having females in positions of influence to serve as role models, is critical to the career advancement of women. The attainment of more women in leadership roles will help to encourage other women to step up, and ultimately, cause a chain reaction allowing more women to follow suit.

With National Women’s Day around the corner, and in the spirit of celebration of females all over the world, we are empowering women the best way we know how – through a Women in Leadership Programme.

The main objective of the Women in Leadership Programme is to support the women leaders within Smollan to embrace their authentic leadership style. This inspirational programme not only equips our women in leadership with the skills essential to becoming a successful leader, but also empowers them to become active participants in their journey to success.

In this programme, participants will be introduced to key concepts critical in today’s high-pressured working environments, all of which are beneficial for women in leadership roles.

My Best Me

Introduces theories specific to mastering one’s self…

The Best We

Focuses on mastering relationships with others…

Building the Best Team

Shifts the focus to leading others and covers how to develop effective people management strategies…

We want to make a difference, and through encouragement and leadership training we believe we can achieve this by equipping the women of today, as well as the women to follow, for just about anything.

Get involved! Tell us how your company plans to make a difference this Women’s Month?