• Products of client had been home indent for two key retailers in Singapore and they had 1 merchandiser to ensure their products are being placed into the chiller for visibility
  • They had no visibility of their distribution and their merchandiser only covers 40 stores, out of the total universe of 200x stores where the products are supposed to be distributed
  • Hence the client came to us to review how we can provide them with better store coverage as well as distribution visibility, with a very tight budget for merchandising


  • We proposed for Client to go into a shared team, to allow them to expand coverage into 86x stores with the same limited budget that they have
  • A first round of distribution audit was implemented for them to establish their distribution upon taking over
  • The shared team tasked to run this project had made the extra effort to sell in the products to the stores that were not carrying the products, with the assistance of the Field Supervisor


  • Improved product facing display
  • Increased SKU sold within the store
  • Proper grouping of products for better brand influence


Stores Audited 14 72
Average Availability (1st Visit) 43.7% (55/126) 60.0% (1036/1728)
Average Availability (Last Visit) 55.6% (70/126) 64.1 (1107/1728)
No. of sell-in by FMs 15 (11.9%) 71 (4.1%)