Treasury Wine Estates


With the shift of sales focus from Modern Trade to Online, TWE’s Field Marketing budget has been reallocated, thus, prompting client to find efficiencies.


  • DSFM proposed shifting from a 4-FTE exclusive team to a 37-FTE shared team
  • 3 days of cluster training (done quarterly) implemented to instill confidence in the team, share product knowledge, and execution experience in store
  • Product Catalogue with photos for key SKUs were provided to the FMs
  • Product knowledge test conducted to evaluate the FMs’ knowledge of TWE wines; DSFM incentivized those who have achieved  good scores
  • Planogram guidelines with recommended quantity were developed and handed out to FMs, monitored regularly to ensure that FMs are ordering sufficiently


  • Efficiencies and improvements delivered in terms of cost, coverage, and service level within the first 90 days of execution
    • 19% Reduction on Annual Field Marketing Spend
    • Increase in Store Coverage, from 93 to 310
    • 7x More Visits in Total vs Exclusive Structure
    • 10% Increase in Promo Execution Efficiency