Oct 02/17NEWS

The Importance of High-Impact Corporate Social Responsibility

How we at Smollan plan on achieving our social & environmental goals by 2020.

In a world in which there is a growing population, limited resources, climate change and high levels of inequality, business cannot continue ‘as usual’.

Although we don’t manufacture or distribute products, with offices around the world, large fleets of vehicles and substantial travel, we too consume a large amount of resources.

It is in response to this that we launched the Smollan Social Impact Plan – designed to aid us in reducing our impact on the environment, as well as having a positive social impact on the lives of the people we employ, their families and the communities in which we operate.

At Smollan, we take pride in the fact that we believe in something more. We are passionate not only about what we do, but who we work with and those we affect. We all have the ability to impact positively on those around us and we believe that through the implementation of a high-impact corporate social responsibility plan we can achieve numerous social and environmental goals by 2020.


  • Create meaningful employment opportunities
  • Engage with our communities in a sustainable way
  • Support organisations that have a social conscience


  • Reduce travel
  • Improve fleet efficiencies
  • Reduce water, water & electricity consumption

We are mindfully tracking our progress to 2020 with a core focus on our operational efficiencies, creating and delivering communication campaigns. Since 2016, we have increased the number of people trained in South Africa from just over 15,000 to 21,000. We have planted over 850 trees in Johannesburg and Cape Town and reduced our overall CO2 emissions.

Having already come so far, we are positive for the future and expect to see more employment opportunities, many more trees planted and a further reduction in CO2 emissions.

I am proud of what we have achieved so far, and excited by the way in which our people have embraced the challenge in our businesses around the world”. David Smollan, CEO, Smollan

How are you impacting lives and changing our world for the better? Let’s share ideas!