Expert execution culture : Market Research



  • Deliver operational excellence for data acquisition
  • Establish a process driven field work operation
  • Adhere to operational compliance norms as well as technical compliance
  • Improve HR practices to the lowest rung of employees
  • Deliver authentic and high quality data
  • Ensure the highest productivity
  • Conduct interviews as per segmentations


  • Maintaining process discipline through Smollan technology
  • Map Tracker: Tracking mechanism to facilitate process of gathering data. Allowed complete trace of work done by FSS, available in real-time with Geo Tags for Back-checks
  • Auto scheduler to address adhoc call cycle management, simultaneously managing multiple projects, teams and users at Multi level hierarchy

  • On payroll survey specialists
  • Media gallery supports Feet-on-street-tracking by collecting data on Geographic locations with Geo-codes
  • Real time reporting with a Freelancer enrolment portal


  • Reduced loaded backlog of projects to ZERO delay
  • Record of 11 000 interviews conducted in May 2016
  • Attrition levels dropped by 138% from May: 146% to October 2016: 8%
  • New thought process implemented in recruitment and hiring with concept of on-roll field survey specialist
  • Introduced Key innovations & initiatives through IT and Tabs
  • Introduced a Dynamic call cycle system for the first time ever.

Attrition levels dropped by 138% from May: 146% to October 2016: 8%