New age technology solution SMARTDOST



  • New age mobile technology to win POP
  • Increase Visibility on the deployment of demo handsets and merchandising elements
  • Capture standardized data from multiple areas
  • Drive sales force and increase productivity
  • Provide capability to check call cycles variance 7 gaps in sales team
  • Create clear mechanism at client, enforcing discipline on agreed ways of working


  • Phased development of mobile application utility across multiple points and roles
  • Planned execution to move data centrally to client server, aiding system integration with POS data
  • Enabling backend audit with scoring to impose execution capability
  • SmartDOST mobile technology: enabled single platform that unifies brand owners | sales force | retail outlets and channels


  • SmartDOST program rolled out pan India on May 2012
  • Staggering 103,953 retail outlets master geo-tagged
  • 97% of 81,964 active retail outlets covered
  • Moved client from trade/channel management to account management
  • Investment recovered basis demo handset gap was identified

Staggering 103,953 retail outlets master geo-tagged