Dec 11/18NEWS

DKSH Smollan and Signify establish partnership in Thailand

DKSH Smollan and multinational company Signify have announced the formation of their partnership in Thailand.

In a press release issued on Thursday, the company said the collaboration is the first in South East Asia and will spearhead the collaboration into other countries in the region.

DKSH Smollan is a joint venture between DKSH and Smollan formed in 2009. DKSH is the leading market expansion services provider with a focus on Asia and Smollan is an international retail solutions provider delivering growth for retailers and brand owners across five continents, the company said.

The joint venture provides retail execution, retail marketing, technology and retail advisory services to its clients across 10 countries through its team of 4,900 specialists.

Signify is a publicly-traded global company and world leader in lighting, providing its customers with high-quality, energy-efficient lighting products, systems and services.

Smollan’s partnership with Signify first started in Belgium in 2015, when the two companies partnered to market and drive sales of Signify’s products. Today’s announcement of the expanded collaboration emphasises the long-standing relationship between the two companies and reinforces the strong position and presence of DKSH Smollan in Asia, the company said.

DKSH Smollan will provide Signify with the full suite of field sales and retail execution services, including product specialists and brand ambassadors in the do-it-yourself channel, as well as service Tesco and Makro outlets nationwide.