May 30/17NEWS

Smollan India named: A Power Brand Rising Star

We are delighted to announce that Smollan India has been awarded the Power Brands Rising Star 2017 title at the Global Power Brands Life 2017 Summit held on May 12th, 2017.

Power Brands

Power Brands is regarded as one of the most powerful symbols of brand excellence in India. Based on the nationwide comprehensive research conducted by the Indian Council of Market Research and Franchise India, participation in the summit is only open to the companies who are annually named in the 4Ps Business and Marketing Magazine’s listing of India’s Most Recognizable Brands. Of the many brands represented in India, this year’s research included only 683 leading brands, which were categorized into 47 industry segments.

Power Brands has 3 prestigious category titles:

  1. Indian Power Brand
  2. Power Brands India Industry Trendsetter
  3. Power Brands Rising Star

Following the results of the research undertaken, the title Power Brands is only presented to companies who have positioned themselves as leaders in their respective industries through the brilliant execution of the companies’ service offering.

All great brands have a great story to begin with. Our Indian story is just at the cusp to leapfrog to a higher level, with the recognition Power Brands has given to Smollan INDIA!”- Vivek Khandelwal from Smollan India.

This is an incredible achievement for our business and we are greatly humbled to be named one of the 2017 Power Brand Rising Stars’.