Jun 04/16NEWS

Innovative technologies that will Emerge

Technology has the ability to heavily change shopper experience, and retailers need to adopt technologies to enable faster, easier, better informed and enhanced customer experiences. These are some of the innovative technologies that will hit retailers in the next 5 years:

  1. Smart watch payments
    We are already beginning to see multiple payment methods emerge, amongst these are wearable tech mobile payments. Payment is beginning to move from pockets and handbags to wrists as a secure payment method, which is always on shoppers
  2. Google glass retail applications
    Google glasses hold the potential to enhance, simplify and enrich shopper experience and retailer’s operational systems. This technology will soon be embraced by retailers with applications like pick, pack & dispatch, image recognition and stock control. It will allow quicker access to relevant data, geo-targeted promotions and more personalised customer experience.
  3. Beacon technology
    Beacon technology allows retailers to engage with shoppers at the most lucrative opportunity, through location-based personalised targeting. It also allows for store displays and shelves to become interactive and personalised.
  4. Pay and go
    In the near future, shoppers will be able to scan items while they shop and pay on their mobile before exiting the store, which will eliminate traditional kiosks and queues.


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