Oct 02/17NEWS

Smollan: Why we are positioned Above the rest

Strategically differentiating ourselves in a competitive marketplace.

Did you know? 7 of the 10 top FMCG companies in the world trust us to represent their brands in store. In addition, we have a presence in half a million retail outlets across the world. With over 150 million man hours spent each year representing our clients’ brands in store, it is no wonder we are positioned above the rest.

How we got here is no secret – the truth is that our values are playing a pivotal role in the direction we are heading…

How we tell our brand story

Since 1931 our values and purpose have remained, and today, the Smollan brand is more important than ever. As our business grows and expands into different territories across the world, we need to remember who we are, what we stand for and what made us great in the beginning. We also need to make sure that we are headed in the same direction and telling the same story as we go. This requires us to be familiar with what our brand stands for and how it affects our everyday work.

Due to the fact that we have grown the Smollan business by being consistent in what we value, our company ideals are vitally important.

How we stand out

Competitive markets are…well…competitive and it is getting increasingly harder to stand out from the crowd. Nevertheless, with an exceptional team and our fundamental values in place, we are distinguishing ourselves from our opponents and standing out in a highly competitive marketplace.

To underpin our positioning as a leading retail solutions company, we want people to know what we stand for and we aim to consistently ensure that the Smollan brand is represented accordingly.

We have a team of over 60 000 passionate people in 24 countries representing hundreds of brands – including our own. Our people lead by example and embody the Smollan culture wherever they go, by constantly exhibiting our values.

With a presence in half a million retail outlets across the world, our inspired talent powers our business.

How we stay ahead

In our progressively complex and challenging world, characterised by exponentially rapid change, the Smollan Group has the intrinsic capability to ‘stay ahead, to pioneer and be brave’. Guided by a distinct set of values – we know that when we work together so much more can be accomplished. We aim to exceed expectations and we consistently act in a way that is aligned with our values.

Our core values are universally aligned throughout the organisation and they shape our company, allowing us to grow from strength to strength.

Do you agree that good company values are important in helping you stand out in a crowded marketplace?