Sep 05/17NEWS

Restructure your store: Knowing what to put where

Is your store laid out efficiently for sale optimization?

Ever walked into a store and walked out with way more items than you had planned to purchase? You are not alone. Retailers certainly know how to design their stores in such a way to create tempting displays and keep consumers shopping…

When it comes to retail, detail is everything. From basic everyday store layout to telling brand stories through creative activations – everything has a place. With a bit of thoughtful planning, you too are able to explore the different layout options and create a store plan that encourages consumers to not only browse, but buy.

While there are a lot of different approaches when it comes to designing the interior layout of your store, there are common design strategies that all retailers can employ which will lead to generating more in-store sales. Most importantly: you need to change displays regularly to give consumers a fresh experience every time they shop.

Your sales floor is a living, breathing entity that needs to change – frequently – in order to flourish. It’s the retailer’s job to make that happen. If your store is filled with the latest and greatest product, but your sales are in a rut, it could be because your shoppers are bored. They come to your store not just to buy; they come for ideas and inspiration. And they come to be entertained – even when they don’t buy anything, that experience is what brings them back”. Rich Kizer & Georganne Bender, Retail Store Design Consultants.

Most shoppers are influenced by a compelling in-store environment where they are comfortable and feel at ease. So, when you begin deciding on store layout options to increase maximum buying potential there are a few things that should always be kept in mind.

Important things to consider include the following:

  • Consumers need transition space as they enter a store
  • Consumers usually browse and shop the way they drive
  • Consumers need personal space when shopping

Be sure to make use of these behavioural tendencies to pull shoppers into your store and entice them to buy!

At Smollan, we believe you need to always keep your consumers top-of-mind when making the most of your retail space. Remember, convenience, assortment and overall experience are of vital importance. In stock. On shelf, all the time – that’s our motto.

How is your store structured to increase sales?